Got Some Vitality?

Vitality, Health and Energy

When I think of the words vitality and energy, which I usually don’t, I think of Anthony Robbins.

I think Anthony Robbins is a very vital man full of vitality/energy because he’s immediately ready for anything.

Anyone can do pushups  Рbut they suck

He’s never tired or sleepy or resting. Does he sleep? There’s no photographic eveidence that he does.


Schnell Abnehmen

Perdre du poids

Come dimagrire

Asbestos and Mesothelioma

He’s constantly ready for action, ready for anything and I imagine vitality runs through his veins constantly.

This girl is so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

It’s in his blood. He’s always alert ,awake, present,¬† centred, powerful and erect.

The guy probably has atleast TWO mobile phones.

He can make an impact – that’s what I’m saying.

Can the current pope make an impact in the same way? I doubt it.

Maybe I’m saying there’s an ‘immediacy’ about him…a presence(mind you – he is 6 foot twenty or something).

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Are there certain foods you can eat to make you more vital? Yes there are. Bananas.

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Some people think that a truly ‘vital’ person wouldn’t have an ounce of fat on them.

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Can chubby people be ‘vital’? Maybe. If they’re still young.

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I’m not saying that fat cells contain vitality but chubby people can be vital as well.

Is Dolly Parton energetic or immediate? MAybe.

Did Hugh Hefner have any vitality in him? Maybe…especially before he died.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Does that guy have a presence? I think he has a bit.

Johnny Depp used to have vitality but now he has only nine and a half fingers.

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People with ‘vitality’ are usually those people that shake your hand a bit too firmly and say things to you like “pleased to meet you” with too much confidence. Very annoying.

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People with vitality are not good chess players good finding a killing lizards wrestling pythons and punching a rhinoceros and chasing a horse they’re not very good at chess maybe that would be better at checkers or Space Invaders

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Mortality drink green drinks all day they love drinking anything as long as it’s green the skips in their magical vitality they believe and green food is certainly healthy for you so I’m not dismissing that

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People with vitality usually stand bolt upright very erect even stand in a healthy way which is very annoying

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Some of these vital people are what you call Alpha males would have Alpha females as well but also vital dolly Parton vinyl I don’t know was George Burns vital I don’t think so but he did live till 100 years of age

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Who was vital Adam and Eve and evitel that two perfect humans directly program from God kentish is the most vital people because they were Perfect 2 and imperfection cannot meet perfection and I got already imperfect by the time they had their first child shame on them

Let me tell you who else was vital Sammy Davis Jr a lot of energy

Can Vitality Be A Bad Thing?

Yes it can. Have you heard of Richard Simmons? The guy has got energy and ‘vitality’ for days but spnding more than twenty minutes with that guy is going to make you want to harm yourself.